working_hours/print / 2023

This poster is a companion piece to the zine project, working_hours/ which is a meditation on labor, uncertainty, and visibility. The blurred thumbnails preview the photos in the zine.

working_hours/ is a time-based poem that slowly reveals itself in your browser over the course of a day. Encrypted and stored as a printed zine, the piece only becomes legible after a user manually and laboriously produces the work as instructed. Once it is transcribed and hosted on a local server, the poem unearths feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty that have surfaced for me during the pandemic. There is a sense of safety in encrypting them into code; burying them under a task that is mundane and tedious. In order to access the piece, I invite readers to perform a labor that is opposite to the work that I’ve done to hide it.

11 in x 17 in. Edition of 200. Riso-printed with fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink, aqua, and black ink. All sales will support the production of the zine component.

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Project by Tyler Yin
Designed by Stefanie Tam
Printed by Lucky Risograph