The Great Tortis Crossing is a mixed reality experience made for the travelers, the searchers, and the trailblazers of the modern world. Set in an unknown desert landscape, one player must lead the Great Tortis, a massive tortoise specimen never before seen, on an exodus through the surreal – and seemingly unending – depths of the virtual unknown. There, the player may engage with the native species of the land, who follow curiously but maintain their distance.

In the midst of this dusty and crafted landscape, there is something eerily familiar. Drones surveil the player as they navigate the desert, broadcasting their live feeds onto abandoned billboards scattered throughout the sand.

A contemporary experience for the contemporary soul, The Great Tortis Crossing offers players the opportunity to dabble in virtual colonialism, voyeurism, and the elusive multiplicity of presence.

Tyler Yin – Visual & Interactive Lead, World Designer, Unity Developer
Joaquin Barlow – Narrative Lead, Character Animator, Sound Designer

Theo Triantafyllidis, Stalgia Grigg, and Stefanie Tam.