I am an artist, technologist, and organizer based in San Francisco, California. Through iterative experimentation and tinkering, I explore an expanding set of inquiries: what are the artifacts and glitches in the technologies of seeing and communicating? How do they lead us to alternative aesthetics, poetics, and politics? What behaviors and ways of being are possible with critical and patient speculation?

As I work, I investigate the margins and affordances of the materials and ideas I encounter. Through coding and image-making, I tell computers and their interfaces how to behave. I misuse them — break them — in order to cultivate an urgency for reimagining our context and relationship to the digital. The results are conversational, anomalous, and curious.

Alongside my creative practice, I also organize workshops and discussions to deepen my criticality towards existing conditions and trajectories. I believe that learning (and unlearning) is an endless exercise that requires trust and communication between people. I facilitate these gatherings and teachings to build a connection with those who share this vision.

Freelance Web Developer
Co-founder of Tiny Tech Zines

Student at SFPC
Creative Coder at Google Brand Studio
Track Assistant, Organizer at Processing Community Day
Creative Developer Intern at Sosolimited
Studio Assistant to Casey Reas
Contributor to p5.js, Processing Foundation
Photographer for UCLA Design | Media Arts


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